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gypsybitching's Journal

3 January 1989
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I'm on the move, taking my time and hurrying up.

This journal was created so I may purge some craziness inside my head and get some feed back from people who aren't involved in my life. I don't intend to add anyone I know personally on here.

Warning label!
-I swear. A lot.
-I have sex. More than most, but still not enough. I post about it.
-I'm a bitch.
-I have boy problems. I have girl problems. In more ways than one.

Right now I'm on the road full time and my life is very hectic. By "very hectic" I mean an extreme cluster fuck of previously unheard of levels. Every day is an adventure, and every day is a struggle. Some posts will probably be me going on about how amazing and wonderful life it, some will be how I haven't eaten in days and hate life and everyone in it.